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A father figure reading a book to a baby.

Readers' Advisory


How to Create an Enthusiastic Reader: 

  • Become a good role model. You need to be a reader. Your child needs to see you read for both information and pleasure.
  • Show your child that reading provides specific information to understand facts (e.g., reading the newspaper or a magazine).
  • Designate a section of your child’s bedroom as a reading corner with bookshelf and books.
  • Read to your child daily. Set aside a specific time. Encourage discussion and interaction while reading. Alternate the reading with your child (a paragraph, a page). Increase length gradually.
  • Read to younger siblings and encourage your child to join in.
  •  Find a regular time to visit your school or local library. Together pick out a “good” book for the next read aloud time.
  • Visit with the librarian at your local library to help you find books that would be of interest to your child. Listen to all the librarian’s suggestions. Don’t worry about difficulty or reading level at this time. The suggested book can always become a read aloud or a shared reading time. Read excerpts to elicit some interest.
  • Cooking? Have your child help with baking by reading the recipe.
  • Use the newspaper. Find a section of interest to your child (e.g. sports, comics), and follow it daily.
  • Make a sign “READING IN PROGRESS” for use during read aloud or independent reading time. It’s even better if your child is involved in the creation of this sign!
  • Bought a new video or board game? Have your child read the directions for set up or game play.