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Frequent Questions

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Frequent Questions

Library Cards

  • How do I get or renew a library card?

    ​To obtain a new library card or renew an expired library card, all fines must be paid in full.
    Please make sure to have at least one of the following forms of identification with you:

    • Current unexpired official photo ID (driver's license, state ID, employment ID, student ID)
    • Current proof of address (driver's license, lease, utility bill, official mail)

    You will have to fill out a short form with your contact information while we input you into our computer system.
    ​If you are under 18, a parent or guardian must sign the form and present identification and proof of address.

  • Why must I sign a form for a library card?

    Applying for and signing for a library card indicates acceptance of all library policies, including fines and lost materials. Parents or guardians who sign for children, also agree to be responsible for any materials borrowed by said children, including fines and lost materials.

  • ​How much does a library card cost?

    Library cards are free for residents of the Lehigh-Carbon Library Cooperative. Replacement cards cost $2.00. If you are not a resident of any library district in the state, we charge a $40 fee per family. Members of other state libraries (Northampton, Allentown, etc.) may show their Access PA sticker on their current home library card to obtain a Lehign-Carbon Library Cooperative barcode, provided they do not owe fines at their home library.

  • How do I know which library is my home library?

    ​If you are unsure of where your home library is, please ask someone at the circulation desk. Often in Pennsylvania your home library depends on the school district you live in.

  • How long is my library card good for?

    ​Library cards are valid for 1 year, after which they must be renewed.

  • ​What if I forget my library card?

    ​Anyone wishing to borrow materials must have a valid Lehigh-Carbon Library Cooperative card. Should you forget your card, we may look up your account a total of 3 times in order for you to borrow materials. After 3 times, we will assume the card has been lost and require you to replace it.

  • ​What if I lost my library card?

    ​Lost library cards should be reported immediately, so no one is able to accumulate fines on your account. Library cards must be replaced. Replacement cards cost $2.00.

  • ​How old must I be to get a library card?

    ​The minimum age to receive a library card is 5 years old.

Materials Policies

  • How long am I allowed to keep materials?
    • DVDs are loaned for 1 week.
    • DVDs Series, New Adult Books, and technology are loaned for 2 weeks.
    • All Juvenile Books, non-dotted Adult Books, Audiobooks, Magazines, and Ukulele Kits are loaned for 3 weeks.
    • Interlibrary Loans are often loaned for 3 weeks but may be loaned for less time depending on the library from which they come.
  • How many times am I allowed to renew materials?

    Typically, all materials, including DVDs, kits, and technology, may be renewed twice. Items will renew automatically through our library system down to the date and second you first took them out.

    In the following situations, items will not be renewed:

    • Another patron has the item on hold.
    • The item is an Interlibrary Loan which has been refused renewal by the library from which it came.
  • How much are fines for materials?

    The Lehigh-Carbon Library Cooperataive is officially fine free as of September 1, 2021!

    • Fines may still accumulate for special items as listed.
    • $1.00 per day per item for all Interlibrary Loans, Ukulele Kits, and equipment.
    • Items that are not returned within two weeks of their due dates will be marked as lost, and you will be billed for the replacement cost of those items.
    • Items that are damaged beyond repair will also be billed to your account.
  • Can charges exceed the replacement cost of an item?

    ​Yes. While the initial charge for any item will never exceed its replacement cost, you may be charged an additional processing fee from $2.00 to $5.00 depending on the item.

  • Is there a charge cut-off for library services?

    Unfortunately, yes. The cut-off for all library services, including the borrowing of both physical and digital materials and computer and wireless access, is currently $10.00 in outstanding charges per person.

Computer Policies

  • ​Can I just sit down at a computer?

    ​No, computer usage is only for library card holders in good standing. Please show your library card to the staff at the desk before sitting at a computer, so we can verify your patron status and keep track of computer usage.

  • Do you have WiFi?

    Yes. WiFi is available through the CPL Patrons network. Please give your name to the staff at the desk, so we can keep track of WiFi usage.

  • What if I don't have a library card?

    You are welcome to sign up for a library card if able (Please see the Library Card policies above.), or you may purchase a 1 week computer pass for $2.00 if you are visiting from out of town/state.

  • ​What if I have charges on my account?

    We ask that you please pay your charges as soon as you are able. However, you may still use the computer or the WiFi if your charges have not exceeded $10.00.

  • ​Why do you keep track of computer usage?

    ​The state and other grant initiatives require computer usage data for the library to receive aid.

  • ​What do you track?

    ​We track how many people use our computers and how long each computer is used. We also track how many people use our wireless network and how long people use the wireless network. These are the ONLY things we track.

  • ​Is there a time limit on computer usage?

    Computers may be used for 2 hours. If no one is on the computer wait-list, computer time may be extended for you to finish your work at the staff's discretion.

  • ​May I reserve a computer to ensure my spot?

    ​Absolutely! Reservations may be made for 2 hours. Please call (610-262-7351) at least 1 hour in advance to reserve your spot. Please do your best to arrive on time. We will not be able to hold a computer reservation if you are later than 15 minutes.

  • Are computers filtered?

    ​Yes, computers are filtered for child safety according to the Child Internet Protection Act.

  • I'm over 18; may I have the filter disabled?

    ​Yes, please let staff at the desk know if you would like the computer filter to be disabled for your session.

  • ​Is there a charge for printing?

    ​Yes. Black & White prints are $0.25 per page and Colored prints are $1.00 per page. Double-sided pages cost twice as much.

  • ​Can you help me?

    We can only provide basic computer information/instruction as time permits. Staff will not be responsible for filling out forms, applications, resumes, etc. to protect your privacy. For more detailed technology instruction, please refer to Computer Classes. There is also an extremely basic tutorial for those completely new to computer use from the TLN Technology Committee: HERE.

Computers, Kids, & the Internet


  • Neither the board nor the staff of the Coplay Public Library assume responsibility for supervising the computer or Internet use of any minor.​
  • It is up to the parents or legal guardians of any minor to assume ultimate responsibility for supervising computer use.
  • Computer filters will remain enabled at all computers being utilized by minors for any reason.

Inclement Weather

If you ever have any questions about whether the library is open, please call first. If you are unable to reach the library, or you reach the answering machine, we are unable to open for business. Please expect interruptions to service with our deepest apologies.