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Computers & Technology

Photograph of the Coplay Public Library's six public PCs.



Computer Policies

Please see our Frequent Questions for library computer policies and additional information about computers, kids, and the Internet, or see our Internet Use Policy below.

Public Use Computers

The Library provides 6 computers that offer Internet access as well as the Microsoft Office productivity suite. Computer sessions are for two hours and first come, first served.  All users are responsible for damage to library hardware or software and for compliance with the library's Internet Use Policy.

Staff will provide assistance as necessary and as time permits.

Free Public WiFi Access

We provide free wireless Internet access for users with portable computers/devices capable of receiving wireless signals throughout the library. Please note that the wireless network is an unsecured connection; it is the responsibility of the laptop/wireless device owner to provide anti-virus and firewall protection when using the Internet via the wireless network. All users are expected to use the library wireless access in a legal and responsible manner.  Please stop at the desk to let staff know you will be using the Wi-Fi for usage statistics.

The free Wi-Fi can be used in the library, anywhere outside on the property or street parking. Use the - HomeworkHub. 



You can print documents and pictures in black & white or color. You are responsible for all pages you print so please check print preview or ask for assistance BEFORE you print. Pay for and receive your documents at the front desk.

B&W copies are 25 cents per page and color copies are $1.00 per page.

We  not accept credit cards for anything over $5.00..

Copying & Scanning

The copy machine is located near the front desk. Color copying is available. We can also scan documents and print them or save them to a USB drive.

B&W copies are 25 cents per page and color copies are $1.00 per page. Scanning is $1.00 per page. We accept credit cards for amounts $5.00 and over.

Please ask a staff member for assistance.


You can send and receive faxes at the front desk. Our fax number is 610-262-4937.

Sending a fax costs $1.00 per page, not including the cover sheet, which is free. Receiving a fax is 25 cents per page. We accept credit cards for amounts $5.00 and over.

Please ask a staff member for assistance.