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Board Members

Board of Directors Member

Immediate opening: There are two (2) immediate openings for the Coplay Public Library Board of Directors. These are important volunteer positions that help direct the future of the library. Appointments are for a term of three (3) years, and vacancies are filled by Coplay Borough Council for the unexpired term. Board of Directors Members should be residents of Coplay Borough though exceptions may be made. The Board of Directors meets monthly on the second Tuesday at 7:00 pm in Council Chambers.

As the governing body the Board of Directors:

  1. Advocates for the library within the community
    • By establishing and supporting planned programs of public relations
    • By meeting with local officials to communicate library issues
    • By representing library patrons’ concerns and their perspectives
    • By ensuring adequate funding
  2. Develops a strategic plan
    • That guides and articulates the goals and objectives to be achieved
    • That determines sound decision making and priorities
    • That measures the quality and effectiveness of services and programs
    • That reflects contemporary library practices and future trends
  3. Nurtures fiscal responsibility
    • Through the preparation of a budget
    • Through scheduled monitoring of that budget and financial progress reports
    • Through pursued opportunities as in grants, campaign development, other funds
    • Through communication of fiscal needs with supporting agencies
    • Through careful investments
  4. Crafts policies that comply with all laws and form a framework of acceptable expected practices, behaviors, and procedures
    • That support the mission, goals, and objectives of the library
    • That outline personnel issues
    • That describe courses of action when there is conflict
    • That describe facilities use and access
    • That is adopted, enforced, and updated
  5. Ensures qualified leadership by
    • Hiring a library director who manages the day-to-day operations
    • Evaluating the director annually

All board members are equal. Officers are named for the purposes of expediting the board’s work, but even the officers cannot speak for the board without permission.

Board committees:

Some responsibilities, such as advocacy and public relations, are to be handled by the entire board. Other responsibilities may be handled by committees which handle details, then report back to the full board. Examples of committees are fundraising, technology, etc.

Committees do not make decisions for the board, but instead prepare recommendations for the board’s decision. Written reports are best and should, whenever possible, be distributed in advance of the board meeting. Because meetings of board committees may come under the Sunshine Law, it is best to follow legal requirements for calling and posting such meetings.

Inquiries and Letters of Intent may be sent to:

Coplay Borough Council

Re: Coplay Public Library Board of Directors

98 S. Fourth St.

Coplay, PA 18037