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Stacks of iPads in colorful cases.

Library of Things


What is it?

A Library of Things is exactly what it sounds like. Rather than checking out books, DVDs, or other print or digital media, you can check out equipment, musical instruments, and other amazing items that you might not have the space for at home or simply want to give a try.

Lending Policies


  • In order to borrow a Thing a patron must have a Lehigh-Carbon Library Cooperative card in good standing and must sign the Loan Agreement.
  • Things are available to be borrowed in person.
  • Things may be placed on hold.
  • Things are not available for loan between Lehigh-Carbon Library Cooperative libraries or for Interlibrary Loan outside the Cooperative.
  • The Thing must be returned to the desk at the library where it was borrowed. It cannot be placed in a book drop or returned to any other Lehigh-Carbon Library Cooperative member library.

Loan Durration

Loan durations vary by Thing; please refer to the Thing you are currently looking for.

Borrower Responsibilities & Replacement Costs

  • The library is not responsible for any costs incurred or damage to personal equipment while borrowers use the Things or for the security of connected patron devices.
  • The library does its best to provide clean and fully functional equipment but is not responsible for unforeseen hardware or software failure.
  • Borrowers are responsible for the safe-keeping and return of these items to the library in good working order and assume liability for the equipment while it is in their care.
  • Borrower is responsible for damaged and/or missing pieces of the package.