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Library Director

Library Director

Library Director

Beginning January 4, 2022: The Board of Directors of the Coplay Public Library invites qualified candidates to apply for the part-time (32 hour) position of Library Director. CPL is a member of the Lehigh-Carbon Library Cooperative, serving the Lehigh Valley area. We are seeking a dynamic and innovative leader to provide meaningful, quality library services and programs. The successful candidate will lead and manage the operations of the library, including human resources, budget management, and collection development, as well as perform all basic library functions while working with local governments and community partnerships.

The candidate must possess:

  • Two academic years of college education & 9 credit hours of library science courses
  • Pennsylvania Public Library Certification for a Library Assistant
  • Pennsylvania Criminal Record Check
  • Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearance
  • FBI Criminal Background Check

Administration: The person appointed, by the Coplay Public Library Board, as the Director shall be charged with the administration of the Coplay Public Library. The Coplay Library will have only one Director. The Director will be responsible to the Coplay Public Library Board in matters pertaining to and concerning the Coplay Public Library.

The Director shall:

  1. Attend Coplay Public Library Board meetings and prepare such reports and documents as requested.
  2. Hire, discipline, or discharge and Coplay Public Library employee on his/her/their own initiative or at the discretion of the Coplay Public Library Board.
  3. Prepare annual performance assessments for the employees and, if requested, volunteers of the Coplay Public Library.
  4. Have the responsibility for collection development for all materials in the Coplay Public Library, this includes selection, ordering, processing, weeding, and inventory of the collections according to the guidelines in the Materials Selection Policy.
  5. Serve as chief advisor to the Coplay Public Library Board and recommend revisions to Coplay Public Library policies as needed.
  6. Schedule working hours for all employees.
  7. Duties as defined in the Director Job Description.

Major Responsibilities of the Library Director (Director Job Description)

A. Vision

  1. Define issues and opportunities to advance the library mission
  2. Make recommendations to the Board of Directors for the ongoing long-range plan
  3. Help develop short- and long-term staff goals

B. Staff development

  1. Organize and supervise staff, schedules, and functions
  2. Perform regular performance evaluations
  3. Make recommendations for personnel policies
  4. Coordinate volunteer/Friends activities
  5. Encourage and foster a team environment
  6. Plans, delegates, and prioritizes work effectively

C. Financial management

  1. Purchasing books, DVDs, and other materials and overseeing cash intake
  2. Monitor expenditures
  3. Write and administer grants
  4. Support the Board of Directors' and Friends' fundraising activities
  5. Ensure the library meets the requirements for state-aided public libraries

D. Communication

  1. Use verbal and written means to keep library personnel up to date
  2. Exploit marketing and public relations avenues to inform the community
  3. Maintain positive relationships with local municipal entities
  4. Maintain local business contacts
  5. Prepare regular reports for the Board of Directors and the Office of Commonwealth Libraries
  6. Manage patron interactions in a polite and professional manner
  7. Exhibit effective and positive communication skills

E. Interpersonal skills/professionalism

  1. Cooperates with peers, supervisors, and board members
  2. Shows a high level of professionalism in person, through email, and on the telephone in language and in dress
  3. Exhibits flexibility, initiative, and self-direction
  4. Accepts feedback well
  5. Maintains a positive and respectful attitude

F. Collection development

  1. Encourage purchase recommendations from staff and patrons
  2. Follow the Collection Development Policy and revise it to keep it timely
  3. Adjust formats to reflect patron needs
  4. Display print collections for ease of access

G. Facilities management

  1. Maintain a safe facility both indoors and out
  2. Ensure the facility is clean and well maintained
  3. Have safety systems inspected and repaired regularly
  4. Repair or replace broken/damaged furniture/equipment promptly

H. Education

  1. Attend Allentown District and Lehigh-Carbon Library Cooperative (LCLC) meetings and ensure compliance with the Allentown District agreement and LCLC policies
  2. Attend 8 credits of district workshops or other continuing education opportunities offered to comply with state requirements
  3. Maintain continuing education credit records for eligible staff
  4. Stay current on issues affecting public libraries: library policies and the law, technology, privacy, employment law, and collection licensing, etc.

Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter with three references to:

Janet Eisenhauer

Borough of Coplay

98 S. 4th Street

Coplay, PA 18037

The application deadline is February 11, 2021.